self pacedFormat: Self-paced Course
Developed with: funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services
Length: 1.5 hours

In this course, you will apply strategies to mitigate the unsettling aspects of change. You will learn skills to help you cope with change and capitalize on it.

Course Objectives:

  • Describe what change is.
  • Learn how to cope with change.
  • Incorporate & Capitalize in the midst of change.

Course Design: Katherine Adelberg, Maurice Coleman, Katie Fearer, Stephanie Zimmerman

webinar recordingFormat: Webinar, original date June 17, 2014
Hosted by: Infopeople
Length: 1 hour

What happens at your library when something doesn't go according to plan? Do you or your colleagues find yourselves:

  • Apologizing and promising not to let that happen again?
  • Pointing out the circumstances that were beyond your control?
  • Worrying about how this setback might affect your budget or your career?
  • Wishing that other people had done more to support you?
  • Or just feeling generally down and discouraged?

We hear a lot about the need for innovation and risk taking in the workplace but not so much about the flip side of that coin: failure. Failure happens. Some even say that there is no creativity without failure. In fact, many success stories - Thomas Edison, Vera Wang, Jay-Z, Dr. Seuss - are prefaced by accounts of repeated failures. Even so, the library environment has not been especially tolerant of imperfect outcomes. If we want to continue to change and grow, we'll need to rethink how we deal with failure.

Presented by: Joan Frye Williams

webinar recordingFormat: Webinar, original date November 12, 2013
Hosted by: WebJunction
Length: 1.5 hours

Working in a library can feel like a constant juggling act. We navigate competing demands and challenging situations on a daily basis in order to meet our mission and transform our communities. In this interactive session, discover how to handle these challenges proactively. Learn positive, practical tips, stress-reduction skills, and ideas for changing your personal work style. Learn strategies to help you face challenging situations that affect your whole organization and society-wide issues that impact the communities we serve. Feel better and be more effective at your work.

Presented by: Cheryl Heywood, Georgia Lomax, and Anna Shelton

webinar recordingFormat: Webinar, original date September 10, 2015
Hosted by: WebJunction
Length: 1 hour

We are all so busy! Who has time to deal with conflicts? When conflict occurs, and we are confronted with a colleague, library patron, supervisor, or board member who is frustrated and upset, it can be tempting to identify a quick fix. However, when we do take the time to practice clear communication to uncover what people really need, we can get to better outcomes. Healthy communication involves:

  • Actions that show you are really listening
  • Communication with people who are angry or upset in a way that their needs can be addressed and resolved
  • Knowing your own emotions and needs, and effective ways to express them

Practicing healthy communication skills will boost your self-confidence and contribute to a happier workplace.

Presented by: Anna Shelton

webinar iconFormat: Webinar, original date May 24, 2018
Hosted by: Infopeople
Length: 1 hour

Do you sometimes feel distracted at work? Do you feel pulled in too many directions simultaneously? Do you feel stress from your work life creeping into your personal time? Mindfulness is a simple practice that can help all of us reduce stress by connecting to the present moment. It requires no special equipment or prior experience and can be practiced anywhere at any time. This webinar will introduce participants to the practice of mindfulness by presenting basic science about the practice and its benefits, connecting the experience of mindfulness to library work, and by guiding participants through several beginning practices in real time.

Presented by: Katie Scherrer

webinar iconFormat: Webinar, original date January 14, 2020
Hosted by: WebJunction
Length: 1 hour

Do you know an amazing library director who stumbled into trouble unexpectedly? Are you one? Every library director seeks to be responsible and successful, but sometimes things go wrong. Understanding concepts for responsible leadership and strategies for fostering key relationships will boost your effectiveness and impact as a director, whether you are new to the position or have been around the block a few times. You will identify key relationships that need to be managed well⁠—your governing authority, your staff, your community, your profession, and last but not least, yourself. Embracing these relationships and working out a checklist of behaviors and communications for each audience will lead to more balance in your work. You’ll leave this webinar inspired by big ideas and motivated by practical steps that will refine your practice as a successful library leader.

Presented by: Jamie LaRue and Sharon Morris

webinar recordingFormat: Webinar, original date January 15, 2015
Hosted by:
Length: 1 hour

Our libraries and communities are experiencing the constant motion of changes in technology, demographics and services. The sensation of being afloat in an unpredictable environment can be thrilling as we contemplate the many new possibilities but also a bit scary because of the many unknowns. Join seasoned change manager Debra Westwood for a walk through the process of change to help us recognize our physiological and emotional responses to change and determine how our current skills and experience can fit into new ways of working. All of us, as library staff members, can get beyond just surviving change and learn to embrace and thrive in new environments.

Presented by: Debra Westwood

webinar recordingFormat: Webinar, original date December 2, 2015
Hosted by:
1 hour

Feeling overwhelmed by deadlines as well as pressure from the many different demands on your time? Librarians and library staff members frequently report that they feel stressed by the need to multi-task, to keep up-to-date, and to manage tight schedules. There never seems to be enough time to get everything done on time. How can you work more efficiently and effectively and feel in control of your time? Will you ever see the top of your desk again? This webinar will provide practical strategies for gaining control of your time and setting priorities.

Presented by: Marie L. Radford

webinar recordingFormat: Webinar, original date June 19, 2012
Hosted by: WebJunction
Length: Length: 1 hour

Our personalities affect how we view and relate to the world. Each of us have different learning and communication styles, fears, insecurities and defense mechanisms. This presentation will provide you with the tools to recognize your own and others' differences and become more aware of how they affect your relationships with customers and co-workers.

Presented by: Melissa Powell

webinar recordingFormat: Webinar, original date January 17, 2012
Hosted by: Infopeople
Length: 1 hour

There’s a fair amount of doom and gloom out in library land, but futurist Joan Frye Williams and strategist George Needham are having none of it! These passionate library advocates believe that dealing with desperate economic times need not make us desperate.

In this upbeat webinar, George and Joan will explore how we can get out of the rat race that says “do more with less” and shift our focus to hope-engendering ways to “do different with less.” They’ll offer practical techniques for improving your own job satisfaction and moving your organization in a more positive direction.

Tune in to learn how we can all support each other, build trust and confidence, and develop services that recapture that feeling of success for ourselves and our communities.

Presented by: George Needham and Joan Frye Williams

webinar recordingFormat: Webinar, original date March 19, 2015
Hosted by: WebJunction and the Association for Rural and Small Libraries
Length: 1 hour

Research points to how we can increase happiness and a sense of well-being in ourselves and others. Using interactive activities, participants will discover methods to improve joy, shift workplace culture, and offer programs for the public on happiness. You will walk away with a smile and a plan.

Presented by: Sharon Morris

Webinar recordingFormat: Webinar, original date November 3, 2016
Hosted by: WebJunction
Length: 1 hour

Find out how to make the most of the WebJunction experience from our very own online learning experts. WebJunction’s live and recorded webinars, self-paced courses, articles and resources can all play a part in helping you meet your learning goals.

Learn how to create a personal learning plan, set manageable goals and find your learning flow with all the tools WebJunction has to offer. During the hour, we’ll tour the different ways to learn at WebJunction and explore how to unlock the advantages of each of these, setting you up for success in your continuing education pursuits. Whether you are new to WebJunction or are a seasoned learner wanting to delve deeper, join us for the WebJunction experience!

Presented by: Kathleen Gesinger and Jennifer Peterson

webinar recordingFormat: Webinar, original date May 31, 2012
Hosted by: WebJunction
Length: 1.5 hours

You love your job. You love your library. You love helping your patrons and giving them the extra attention that lets them know you care. But there are days when you’ve given just about all you have to give. At the end of the day you feel drained, or irritated, or both! You may have achieved "compassion fatigue." The term, which is used frequently in medical settings, describes a caregiver’s reaction to chronic stress that results in feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, self-doubt, lack of focus and fatigue. This webinar will help you recognize the symptoms and the situations that may trigger compassion fatigue and understand how it affects you and your working environment. Explore ways to take care of yourself so you can continue to show compassion and give your patrons the care they need.

Presented by: Linda Bruno

webinar recordingFormat: Webinar, original date March 28, 2017
Hosted by: WebJunction
Length: 1 hour

Libraries are among the few public spaces that feel safe and welcoming to everyone in our current political landscape. As librarians striving to provide equitable service, we are challenged to meet the needs of patrons whose life experiences are markedly different from our own. To address these challenges, we have much to learn much from social workers, who are trained to approach their clients with empathy while maintaining professional boundaries. Whole Person Librarianship draws from social work concepts to help librarians become more confident in learning from, interacting with, and serving diverse patrons. Learn basic ideas to build your empathy skills, such as cultural humility and person-in-environment, to apply right away to your library practice, as well as where to find more in-depth information and support.

Presented by: Sara Zettervall and Mary Nienow