Webinar recordingFormat: Webinar, original date March 31, 2016
Hosted by: WebJunction and ALA's Learning Round Table
Length: 1 hour

As our profession transforms and our work changes, nurturing skillful and competent supervisors has become a priority for all types of libraries. Rising to the challenge, many people are creating and offering learning and development programs in their libraries. Whether we hire outside consultants or create in-house programs, we could all benefit from knowing the best practices. Let’s learn together about the most effective and low-cost options for supervisor development programs, and how to strategically promote implementation of those programs in our organizations. And let’s explore how we might motivate our supervisors to fully benefit from their learning.

Why is supervisor development so important in libraries? What are the best practices and techniques being used right now? Learn from a select group of consultants, trainers, and training coordinators about how they have addressed these questions!

This first session explores best practices for providing supervisor training in libraries. You’ll learn about effective road-tested delivery methods and strategies to help you discover those most appropriate for your library or consortium members.

Presenter: Jerilyn Veldof