webinar recordingFormat: Webinar, original date September 3, 2014
Hosted by: Infopeople, an ELF 2.0 Webinar
Length: 1 hour

  • What do library staff need to know about the basic developmental tasks of early childhood?
  • How can we use this developmental knowledge to help us more effectively interact with family members in supportive and constructive ways?

This webinar will build upon and expand the conversation begun with our April 10, 2014 webinar, also given by Dr. Hornstein and entitled Foundations of Early Childhood Development: It's All About Relationships. In this second webinar we will review the basic tenets of child development from the Touchpoints perspective - identifying the major developmental tasks of infants, toddlers and preschoolers within the context of their relationships and culture. The discontinuous nature of this developmental process will also be explored. We will then examine how library staff can respond to families by focusing on parent-child relationships, and supporting parental mastery as might occur in various library-based scenarios.

Presented by: John Hornstein