Self Paced CourseFormat: Self-paced Course
Developed by: Funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services
Length: 1 hour

Asking the right questions, tracking clues, and following paths of inquiry are part of the process to support your eReading patrons. With all the combination of eReader devices, file formats, and eContent providers, how can we possibly be prepared for each encounter?

Learning Objectives

eReader Devices:

  • Recognize the differences between tablets, smartphones, and eReaders.
  • Compare their pros and cons.
  • Identify by sight some of the most popular devices.

Files and Apps:

  • Identify basic eBook file formats.
  • Locate eReader apps based on device.

Digital Rights:

  • Recognize importance of digital rights management in accessing eContent on multiple devices.
  • Follow steps to install Adobe Digital Editions

Course Design: Infopeople