Webinar recordingFormat: Webinar, original date February 11, 2016
Hosted by: WebJunction and John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
Length: 1 hour

An initiative of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, the Knight News Challenge on Libraries launches on February 24, 2016, and offers applicants a share of more than $3 million for ideas centered on libraries as they transform to accommodate the evolving needs of our communities. Knight views libraries as important institutions that can play an essential role in building more informed and engaged communities, and recognizes that libraries have the power to connect people and ideas, and build stronger democracies. This is the second Knight News Challenge on Libraries; winners of the first challenge were announced in January 2015.

Presented by: Chris Barr, Jason Griffey and Jenica Rogers

Webinar recordingFormat: Webinar, original date June 23, 2015
Hosted by: WebJunction and the Association for Rural and Small Libraries
Length: 1 hour

It's time to take a fresh look at ideas for raising funds for your library. Although book sales have been a standard library fundraiser, they take a lot of time and effort, with dwindling returns on investment in recent years. Whether considering new types of events or tried-and-true activities, you’ll learn the "12 Must-Know Facts About Fundraising." Find out how to assess your library’s capacity for fundraising, enlist the right volunteers, engage the community, and create a sustainable plan to boost your library’s bottom line and raise visibility. With this strong foundation, libraries of any size can move into new directions to grow support for their libraries.

Presented by: Sue Hall

Webinar recordingFormat: Webinar, original date August 26, 2015
Hosted by: NCompass Live, Nebraska Library Commission
Length: 1 hour

Join Cecelia Lawrence, Director of the North Platte (NE) Public Library, as she shares the triumphs and pitfalls of holding a major competitive Jigsaw Puzzle Tournament. Lawrence has been the Jigsaw Puzzle Tournament Coordinator for the past 10 years in North Platte and has seen this event grow from 60 competitors in 2 divisions to over 160 puzzlers in 6 divisions. This session will walk you through the basics of holding a tournament; developing rules for the tournament; volunteer recruitment; discuss finding business sponsorships for teams; explore where to purchase puzzles and prizes, as well as trophy and prize ideas.

Presented by: Cecelia Lawrence

Webinar recordingFormat: Webinar, original date July 29, 2015
Hosted by:
1 hour

Could you use more funding for your library projects? Are you looking for money to launch a new program? Turn community-driven support into dollars with crowdfunding! A well-run crowdfunding campaign can yield big results, even for small libraries.

Learn technology tools, tips, and tried-and-true practices for running a successful crowdfunding campaign for your library. Learn the basics, and hear from two libraries with experience in this type of fundraising, one using crowdfunding to support capital campaign to build a new library and another using crowdfunding to purchase and promote graphic novels and technology in the library.

Presented by: Mary Ann Antonellis and Laura Bartnik

webinar recordingFormat: Webinar, original date August 22, 2018
Hosted by: WebJunction, EveryLibrary and Association for Rural and Small Libraries
Length: 1 hour

Library leaders have been trained to "do more with less" for so long that it’s become a virtue. Though talking about budgets is a challenge, library staff need better funding to provide the public with needed services and expertise. If your budget is stuck, and your board, staff and stakeholders are having a hard time talking about new taxes or levies, this webinar can help. Please join us for real-world, practical, actionable advice on how to overcome local political problems, negative feelings, and unmotivated stakeholders, to move your library toward a more financially secure future.

Presented by: John Chrastka, Lee Hallberg, and James Ochsner

Self-Paced CourseFormat: Self-paced Course
Developed by: Candid (formerly Foundation Center)
Length: 1 hour

This course is designed to for library professionals, library volunteers, and library development staff to learn the basics about finding grants for the library. This course is a part of Foundation Center’s Knight Foundation funded project, Visualizing Funding for Libraries. It is intended to help you make the most of the data visualization and mapping tool and help you find new funding opportunities for your library.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand how foundation funding fits into your library’s revenue stream
  • Initiate the grantseeking research process
  • Understand best approaches for identifying the “right” funder
  • Recognize the importance of relationships in fundraising

Course Design:
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Webinar recordingFormat: Webinar, original date December 10, 2014
Hosted by: WebJunction and the Association for Rural and Small Libraries
Length: 1 hour

Established in 1987, by the USDA as a service of the National Agricultural Library, the Rural Information Center (RIC) assists rural communities by providing information and referral services to local, tribal, state, and federal government officials; community organizations; libraries; businesses; and citizens working to maintain the vitality of America's rural areas. RIC provides information and tools to support our nation's rural communities. Join us for this webinar to learn more about RIC services for rural libraries including connecting to resources for funding, the number one information request handled by the librarians and information specialists who staff the center.

Presented by: Mary Louise Reynnells

Webinar recordingFormat: Webinar, original date March 19, 2013
Hosted by: WebJunction and the Association for Rural and Small Libraries
Length: 1 hour

From "chocolate in the stacks" tastings to 5K runs to off-site literary dinner parties, small libraries are getting creative in offering signature events that raise funds and create friends. This webinar will be a "show and tell" of library fundraisers, with quick tips on how to get started in your community.

Presented by: Cassie Guthrie

Webinar recordingFormat: Webinar, original date February 28, 2017
Hosted by: WebJunction
Length: 1 hour

This webinar will introduce participants to a dynamic and freely available data-visualization tool, Visualizing Funding for Libraries that enables library professionals and supporters to search for institutional funding for libraries at national, state, and local levels. Participants will learn pro tips on navigating the tool and as well as next steps on how to pursue new funding opportunities. Data visualizations such as maps, network constellations, and partnership pathways showcase key networks of funders and recipients, as well as individual grants that highlight the library services and programs that are winning grants. Visualizing Funding for Libraries is a Knight Foundation News Challenge winning project.

Presented by: Kate Tkacik and Amanda Dillon

webinar recordingFormat: Webinar, original date March 14, 2018
Hosted by: WebJunction
Length: 1 hour

In 2017, the Visualizing (and Finding!) Funding for Libraries webinar introduced you to a dynamic and freely available data-visualization tool that enables library professionals and supporters to search for institutional funding for libraries at national, state and local levels. This webinar will re-familiarize you with the tool and then explore how to take the next steps with your data visualizations. Presenters will connect key data findings from the tool to national trends in philanthropic support for libraries. Using the tool to leverage networks and relationships, learn how to generate a viable list of potential funders to research further in order to determine the right fit for your library. You’ll also learn the action steps to take after identifying a funding prospect that will get your proposal to the top of the pile.

Presented by: Kate Tkacik and Ellen Jacks

webinar iconFormat: Webinar, original date January 20, 2021
Hosted by: Infopeople
Length: 1 hour

Whether you are new to grant work or want a few new tips, you’ll discover the confidence and knowledge you need to win library grants with Stephanie Gerding, library grants expert and author of ALA’s Winning Grants. Discover the most important thing to keep in mind when doing library grant work, the fastest ways to determine community needs, how to quickly locate current grant opportunities (including COVID relief funds), what funders are most looking for in a successful grant proposal, and the top ten tips for success. Shortcuts, practical advice, and a valuable resource list will be shared. You CAN win grants for your library!

Presented by: Stephanie Gerding