Webinar recordingFormat: Webinar, original date March 2014
Hosted by: WebJunction
Length: 1 hour

Developed and funded by Redbox, and managed by OCLC in partnership with Project for Public Spaces, Outside the Box is an innovative program that brings people together for free, fun entertainment events in their local community. When people connect, communities benefit--and as trusted community anchors, public libraries are central to Outside the Box efforts.


  • Part 1: What is placemaking?
  • Part 2: Turning your event into a great place experience
  • Part 3: How to conduct a community brainstorming session


  • Identify a space near the library, on the library grounds, or in the community that can be used for ongoing public entertainment events
  • Lead a community brainstorming or planning session on event/place design
  • Identify at least three new community partners and an action plan for engaging with them
  • Develop a list of reusable materials and features that can be used in the community space, to create a welcoming, comfortable environment (seating, tables, surface cover, shading, lighting, etc.)

Presented by: Elena Madison