Format: Webinar, original date April 8, 2015
Hosted by: WebJunction
Length: 1 hour

Marketing in libraries is often an afterthought rather than a priority embedded in planning. But times are changing! Community members now have more choices for books, information, entertainment and assistance. Don't let your library become invisible due to perceived lack of time, money or marketing savvy. Jamie will help you think differently to achieve the basics of effective marketing without a ton of money or staff. From promotional videos to eye-catching emails, you'll learn about marketing techniques and tools available to even the smallest of libraries. Discover simple ways to gain attention and increase attendance.

Presented by: Jamie Matczak

Format: Webinar, original date June 18, 2014
Hosted by: WebJunction
Length: Length: 1.5 hour

Do you quake at the thought of public speaking? Are you also faced with the need to communicate to audiences, small or large, the importance of your work in libraries? You really can overcome your anxieties and master the art of public speaking. Join us for this webinar to learn some basic skills for preparing and delivering speeches, plus tips to manage your nervousness and make your presentations more memorable. Armed with practical techniques, you'll be ready to deliver clear, persuasive, and engaging presentations on behalf of your library.

Presented by: Mary H Stein

Format: Webinar, original date June 7, 2012
Hosted by: WebJunction and the Association for Rural and Small Libraries
Length: Length: 1 hour

Is your small or rural library the community's best kept secret? Libraries are not known for "tooting their own horns" so valuable services and resources go unnoticed. Join us for this webinar to learn about marketing and branding and what it means to the 21st century small and rural library. Michelle and Melinda will talk about ways to build mutually beneficial business partnerships that result in free media advertising as well as sponsorship for events and services. These marketing techniques are guaranteed to lead to long term development opportunities as well as sustainability.

Presented by: Michelle A. McIntyre and Melinda Tanner

In the old days, a well-written press release and a few posters did an effective job of reaching your community. We now live in a time where people expect to receive information through their preferred communication channels. With so many options and limited staff and time, what can a library do?

  • Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Tumblr and Instagram. Your library hardly has enough time to create print and web promotional materials - how can you possibly add more marketing channels?
  • Your Facebook presence only has a handful of followers, should you keep going or give up?
  • Is there one marketing channel or a combination that is right for your library?

If your library is struggling to answer these and other questions around multichannel marketing, then you will want to join this webinar. Nancy Dowd, co-author of Bite-Sized Marketing, Realistic Solutions for Overwork Librarians will help library staff sift through the confusion of multi-channel marketing to determine a pathway that is right for your needs. You will learn to understand the different communication styles needed for each channel and hear about pathways other libraries are implementing.

Presented by Nancy Dowd

Original webinar date: September 23, 2014
Length: 1 hour

To attract nonusers to the library, you'll first have to bring the library to them. Getting outside the four walls of your building is often the first step toward bringing new users in. This presentation will cover outreach ideas that are easy to implement in order to market your library's programs and services.

Presented by: Erin Shea, Ferguson Library, Stamford, Connecticut

Hosted by: Nicolet Federated Library System, which serves 42 public libraries in 8 counties and is based in Green Bay, WI. This webinar was presented as part of the Wild Wisconsin Winter Web Conference.

Original webinar date: January 21, 2015
Length: 1 hour

If your organization is like many, you sometimes find it difficult to capture high-quality images for use on your website, in presentations, and in your collateral materials. Perhaps you have video clips and also struggle to source background music that doesn't get removed by YouTube for copyright infringement.

We're here to help! In this free, hour-long webinar join TechSoup's Jim Lynch, Creative Commons' project manager Jane Park, and Free Music Archive's Cheyenne Hohman to learn where to source free images and music for your nonprofit or public library. We'll also help you better understand the different ways to license your own creative media.

Presented by Jim Lynch, Jane Park, and Cheyenne Hohman

Original webinar date: April 23, 2015
Length: 1 hour

The future is a visual place. The media is dominated by image-based sharing. Carefully designed ads and brands are constantly bombarding us. Such a visually stimulated world raises important questions about visual literacy but it also asks questions about how libraries are communicating without words. What do our materials and use of images say about us? How are we engaging our communities with intentional graphic design?

This session will begin with basic graphic design principles and apply them to various print and electronic materials with the purpose of effectively communicating messages and engaging with communities. Emphasis will be placed on the practical considerations of the design process, software choices, where to find useful materials for including in designs, and places to be inspired. Attendees will leave with many free resource suggestions and an understanding of how to use design principles to create all kinds of materials from handouts and event posters to infographics and syllabi.

Presenter: Meggan Frost, Public Services Librarian, Paul Smith's College, NY.

NCompass Live is hosted by the Nebraska Library Commission.

Original webinar date: May 6, 2015
Length: 1 hour

You built it and promoted it, but they didn’t come? Libraries can learn from marketing strategies that for-profit organizations use. Get beyond the one-off approach to promotion. Explore how to build "ambient awareness," establishing your library as an authoritative source and a definitive provider of services for the community. Learn how to use social media not only for communication, but as a tool to monitor and document the impact of the library. Get your whole team on board to tell the library’s convincing story of its impact on your community.

Presented by: Ned Potter, author of the Library Marketing Toolkit, speaker, and academic librarian at the University of York, UK

Original webinar date: August 29, 2013
Length: 1 hours

The human brain is wired to respond to images. Scientific studies of the brain are providing powerful insights for designing and delivering presentations that grab the attention of the learner. Once you understand the key concepts of strong visual communication, you can get unstuck from the stale text-and-bullet format of presentation. You dont need to be a designer to learn some simple tips and tricks that will punch up your presentations and wake up your audience.

Presented by: Betha Gutsche, Program Manager, WebJunction OCLC, and visual communications advocate.

Original webinar date: November 6, 2012
Length: 1 hours

A webinar presented as part of the Big Talk from Small Libraries online conference, hosted by the Nebraska Library Commission.

Our lovely small town library was stagnant. And then we discovered programming! The patrons slowly started coming alive, and getting excited about the monthly schedule. We jumped on Twitter and Facebook, and the numbers starting rising rapidly. Even exponentially some months. Our programs started conservatively, with some sedate topics (conversational French, yoga, and a museum tour). Then we went BIG- how to raise backyard chickens (with a real chicken in tow), beekeeping (with hives present), craft beer (with beer tasting), ukulele night (with 50 ukuleles all at play), wine and cheese tasting, cocktail parties, murder mystery night, soap making, etc. Then community groups started coming to us for space. It seems the busier we got, the more our schedule expanded. I will present this ten step talk on how to revitalize your lovely library to a vibrant community centre!

Presented by: Kathie Hogan

Original webinar date: February 26, 2016
Length: 1 hour

In 2013, Lincoln City Libraries was named an "American Dream Library" grant recipient by the ALA. Our grant-funded project, intended to add or expand literacy services for adult English language learners, included the creation of library use videos in English, Arabic, Karen, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese languages. We'll share the challenges and rewards of partnerships, scriptwriting, filming, translation and promoting our video to welcome and introduce new users to their libraries.

Presenters: Kathryn Kelley & Katie Murtha

Original webinar date: May 4, 2016
Length: 1 hour