Note: This webinar has been replaced in the catalog with a new recording to improve user experience. See new listing for Best Small Library in America 2012.

Format: Webinar, original date September 11, 2012
Hosted by: WebJunction, the Association for Rural and Small Libraries, and Library Journal
Length: 1 hour

Library Journal's annual Best Small Library in America Award, cosponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, was created in 2005 to encourage and showcase the exemplary work of libraries serving populations under 25,000. In collaboration with the Association for Rural & Small Libraries and Library Journal, we are pleased to host this webinar featuring the 2012 Best Small Library in America: Independence Public Library. The multi-award-winning library's staff of eight serves a population of 13,420 through innovative programs and partnerships, leveraging social media and the Geek the Library campaign for sustained marketing and advocacy efforts. Using a participatory management style and collaborating with other Kansas libraries, along with others in their community, IPL has reached out to individuals and partners to deliver programs and services that bring the community into the library. Presented by: Julie Hildebrand, Lily Morgan, and Meredith Schwartz